New Things

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Still working on the new blog layout with Ellie, but I just couldn't wait to show you my new banner.  The artwork was created by Dee from Our Little Love Nest.  Do you like it?  I think Dee might need a little break from me after this.  After a few late night phone calls and many, many e-mails and many requests like...can you make the balloons brighter, can you change the chair, now can you change it back, can you make the bird gray, no I think I liked it how you had it the first time, can you change the font, can you change this and change that, and now change it all back again.  Thank you Dee, you are a wonderful artist and a very kind and patient business woman too.  I really like it, it suits me, it suits my blog, it suits my future business endeavors.  More to come...