One Thing in 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010

So as I was looking for my list of goals that I had written up for myself in the beginning of 2009, I found my list of goals for 2008 and you know what was at the top of my list for 2008, "Get Files Organized". I guess I still need to work on that goal, because I still haven't found my list of goals for 2009. It's okay though, because I have decided not to compare myself this year to my lists of goals, but to follow a few bits of advice from Michelle Ward, a life coach and blogger of When I Grow Up.  She has suggested to accentuate the postive with a short list of questions that encompass 1 Thing in 2010, so I've decided to do something different this year and take on her challenge. 

{image found via A Beautiful Ripple Effect, made by Everything Lovely}

1. If you were only allowed to have 1 Intention for 2010, what would it be and why?  Well, I think this print sums it up for me.  I want to, follow my yellow brick road...and be happy.  Oh...I'm only supposed to use one word right?  Well that word would be, Motivated.  I have good intentions, but sometimes I really need to work hard to get through them or motivation to just get started.  Sometimes when I start something that I really want to do and I get to a certain point, a little voice inside me says, why don't you just go back to what you were doing before, that way you don't have to worry about failing, rejection or dissappointment.  This year, this voice will not be bothering me, because I have banned him.

2. If you were only allowed to have 1 Goal for 2010, what would it be and how can you achieve it?  My goal for 2010 is to get my interior and event design business going.  I have already done a few pro-bono jobs in 2009 and had a few paying ones as well, so now I have a few pictures that I can pull together for a portfolio.  In Jan/Feb I plan to develop a website and get a new business license, and since my husband is a great salesman he will be helping me to sell my services.  I've decided it's okay if it doesn't go as fast as I think it should, because we do have an income to back us up.

4. If you had to get rid of 1 Thing in 2010, what would it be and why?  I know this one is going to sound like the resolution that is usually right at the top of everyone's list, but I'm serious about this one this year.  It would be, to lose 40 lbs.  Why, because I want to feel better, feel more confident and be taken seriously.  If I lost 40 lbs, I believe these things would be accomplished for me.

3. If you had to do 1 New Thing in 2010, what would it be? Will you commit to it now?  I want to take photography lessons so I can take better photo's of my work.  I plan on signing up for a class in the spring of this year.

5. What have you achieved in 2009? List it all!  Okay, here goes.  Homeschooled my son for his 11th grade year, so he would gain the confidence and skills he needed to attend a technical college for his senior year.  Celebrated my 13th wedding anniversary with my husband on January 13th.  Went skiing with my family in Whistler, BC in February, after not being on ski's for about 10 years and made it all the way down the mountain without falling...yeah!  Realized that I really enjoy Event Design since my friends kept asking me to decorate for their events and celebrations in 2009.  Started my blog in April of this year after two years of procrastination with a little help from the Blogging Your Way e-course held by Holly Becker of Decor8.  Went through training so I could be a volunteer for Care Net.  Found something to be grateful for during the entire month of November by having 26 days of Gratitude here on my blog.

Okay, it took me a little while, but I feel really good about my goals and intetions this year and my accomplishments for 2009 as well.  Do you have any intentions for 2010?